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Halloween Music for Piano (audio only)

Pre-Reading Early Elementary Elementary Elementary to Late Elementary Late(r) Elementary Late Elementary to Early Intermediate Narrative Suite (Level I or II)

Bastien Pre-Reading: Halloween Party
Bastien Jack O'Lantern
Bastien Halloween Party
Bastien Parade of the Ghosts
Bastien Wanda the Witch
Bastien Black Cats' Dance
Bastien Trick or Treating

Early Elementary
Mona Rejino Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween (Jane Bastien)
Bastien Black Cat Booogie
Bastien Black Magic
Bastien Goblins' Dance
Bastien The Ghosts' Ball Game
Bastien Halloween Night
Bastien Happy Halloween
Bastien The Jack-o'-lanterns's Dream
Bastien Parade of the Pumpkin Cookies
Bastien Spook House
Bastien The Waiting Pumpkin
Bastien Witches Rock

Hallowe'en Treats (Debra Wanless)
Wanless Ghosts and Goblins
Wanless Trick or Treat
Wanless Spooks on Hallowe'en
Wanless Hallowe'en Night
Wanless Fright Night
Wanless All Pent Up
Wanless Haunted Old Houses
Wanless Witches Waltz
Wanless A Spooky Little Song
Wanless Frankenstein's Rock
Wanless Swingin' Scarecrow
Wanless Moon Shadows
Wanless Hallowe'en
Wanless Ghost Dance
Wanless Boogin' Bats

5 Finger Halloween Fun (arr. Tom Gerou)
M: Harold Arlen Ding-Dong! (The Witch Is Dead)
Chopin Funeral March
Charles Gounod Funeral March of a Marionette
Ray Parker, Jr. Ghostbusters
M: Howrd Shore Gollum's Song
M: Xavier Atencio Grim Grinning Ghosts
John Wiliams Hedwig's Theme
M: Harry Warren
L: Johnny Mercer
Jeepers Creepers
Bobby Picket and Leonard Capizzi Monster Mash
Danny Elfman Remains of the Day
Paul Dukas The Sorcerer's Apprentice
Danny Elfman This Is Halloween
John Williams Voldemort

Elementary to Late Elementary
Halloween Favorites (11 Original Piano Solos) (Book 2)
Catherine Rollin Cool Ghoul
Anne Shannon Demarest The Hungry Ghost
Ruth Perdew Jack-o'-Lantern Boo!
John Robert Poe Jazzy Jack-o'-Lanterns
Sharon Aaronson Jumpin' Pumpkins
Martha Mier Little Black Cat
Dennis Alexander The Pumpkin Boogie
Christine H. Barden Pumpkin, Pumpkin
Dennis Alexander The Three-Legged Witch!
Robert D. Vandall Witches' Waltz
Anne Shannon Demarest The Wobbly Old Witch an Her Cat

Late(r) Elementary
Peggy Otwell Merlin's Dream
Jeremy Siskind The Zombine Song
Leigh Kaplan Broomstick Waltz (duet)
Eric Baumgartner Black Cat Chat

Late Elementary to Early Intermediate
Halloween Favorites (10 Original Piano Solos) (Book 3)
Anne Shannon Demarest Creepy Footsteps
Dennis Alexander Grumpy Old Witch
Mary K. Sallee Halloween Dance
Bernadine Johnson Halloween Hoedown
W. T. Skye Garcia Halloween Night
Dennis Alexander It's a Scary Night!
Ruth Perdew Mountain Ghost Town
Mary Hauber Skeleton Dance!
Catherine Rollin Spooky Footsteps
Catherine Rollin Witches' Brew

Halloween Treats (Bastien Level 3)
Bastien Pumpkins Dance at Midnight
Bastien Halloween Martians
Bastien Halloween Cowboy
Bastien The Haunted Piano

Lee Evans Goblins

Bastien Ghosts Dance on Halloween

Narrative Suite (Level I or II) (David Carr Glover, 1981)
David Carr Glover Magic Piano Song
David Carr Glover Scarecrow Full of Straw
David Carr Glover Skeleton Dance
David Carr Glover Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
David Carr Glover The Ghost Dance
David Carr Glover Chop Sticks (duet)

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