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Learning music is one of the best things you can do for your children or yourself!

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Lesson Book SR/ET/IMPROV
04 Friends at the Piano
05 Roll Call
06-07 The "I'm Great" Pose
08-09 Sounds on the Piano
10-11 Will You Play? Improv
12-13 Stone on the Mountain
14 The Name Game
15 Tiger, Tiger
16 Left Hand and Right Hand
17 Cookie Dough
18 Dallas Dips L.H. Donuts
19 Dallas Dips R.H. Donuts
20-21 Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
22 Black-Key Groups
23 Monster Bus Driver
24 Wrist, Forearm, Fingertips
25 Mitsy's Cat Back
26 L.H. Rainbows
27 R.H. Rainbows
28 Kangaroo Show
29 Katie Scores!
30-31 Tigers at My Door
32-33 Wendy the Whale
34-35 Magic Tree House
36 Quarter Note = 1 Beat
37 Dancing Feet
38-39 Cuckoo Clock
40-41 Dinosuar Music Night
42 Paw Prints
43 Wabbit the Rabbit
44-45 Little Lost Kitty
46 Half Note = 2 Beats
47 Band Practice!
48-49 Monsieur Mouse
50-51 Raccoon's Lullaby
"52 Bass Clef
53 Treble Clef
54-55 Mary's Rockin' Pets
56 Whole Note = 5 Beats
57 Train Rhythms
58-59 Old Pig-Donald
60-61 Shepherd, Count Your Sheep
62 The Music Alphabet
63 Cookie's Journey Up the Mountain
64-65 Jungle Wedding
66-67 Riding the Escalator
68 Sneak-y Thumb
69 Birthday Train
70-71 Wish I Were a Fish
72-73 Oh! I Love Snack Time
74-75 If You're Happy
76 My L.H. C Scale
77 My R.H. C Scale
78 The Measure
79 Katie's Dog Tucker
80-81 Bed on a Boat
82-83 Eensie Weensie Spider
84-85 Graduation Party
86-87 Grand Staff Games

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