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Learning music is one of the best things you can do for your children or yourself!

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Lesson Book Theory Book SR/ET
04-05 Theory
06-07 Head Start for Treble Bass Clef Lines
08-09 Firefly
10 Little River 02 Legato River Melody
11 Sailing in the Sun 03 Sailing Melodies
12 Ferris Wheel 04 Ferris Wheel Improv, 05 slur vs. tie (ET) ET
14 Mexican Jumping Beans 06 What Is Jumping on the Rug?
15 The Haunted Mouse 07 The Dotted Mouse in the Haunted House
16 Classic Dance
17 Young Hunter 08 Young Hunter Improv.pdf, 09 Step and Skip Hunt (ET) ET
18 Skipping in Space 10 Planets in Space
19 Half-Time Show 11 Rah Rah Cheer!
20 The Lonely Pine 12 Forest Dance (SR) SR
21 Li'l Liza Jane 13 Li'l Liza Skips, Li'l Liza Rhythms (ET) ET
22 C's Rock! 14 Break-Out Boogie
23 Mozart's Five Names 15 Mozart's Story
24 Paper Airplane 16 Paper Airplane Flight
25 The Juggler 17 Juggling Tunes (SR,ET) SR/ET
26 Traffic Jam 2nds 18 Traffic Jam 2nds!
27 This Is Not Jingle Bells
28-29 Kites in the Sky 19 3rd=Skip (ET) ET
30 A Mixed-Up Song 20-21 Mixed-Up Intervals (ET) ET
32 Flute of the Andes
33 Runaway Rabbit
34 Rain Forest 22-23 Sounds from the Rain Forest (ET) ET
35 Lightly Row 24-25 Lightly Snow
36-37 Forest Drums 26-27 Forest Drum Rhythms
38 No Moon Tonight 28 Climbing to the Moon
39 Grumpy Old Troll 29 Grumpy Old Rests (ET) ET
40 Merlin's Wand 30-31 Merlin's Sharps, Merlin's School
41 Russian Sailor Dance
42 Super Secret Agent
43 Party Song 32 Party Game with Flats
44 Boogie on Broadway 33 Broadway Tunes (SR, ET) SR, ET
45 Scarf Dance
46 Two-Note March
47 Girl on a Bicycle, Boy on a Bicycle 34-35 Bicycle Tune (ET) ET
48 The C Chord
49 Song for a Scarecrow 36 Chords for a Scarecrow, Chords in the Cornfield
50 My Pony
51 Row, Row, Row Your Boat 37 Row, Row, Row Your Chords (ET) ET
52 London Symphony 38-39 Mr Haydn's Chords, Fun Facts for Mr Haydn
53 Jazzy Joe
54-55 Shepherd's Song 40 Fun Facts for Mr. Beethoven, 41 An Eye for Chords (SR, ET) SR/ET
56 Bongo Drummers 42 Bongo Drums Play G's
57 Warm-up in G, Chords in G 43 Chord Guy Is the Leader!
58 Dinosaur Stomp 44 Dinosaur Tails Thump Accents!, 45 Dinosaur Dance Improv
59 The Dreydl Song 46 Castle of Toys
60-61 The Bubble 47 POP Tunes! (SR, ET), 48 Trophy Time! SR/ET
62-63 Adventure Warm-ups

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