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Welcome to the December 2020 Virtual Recital Page!


This year has been so crazy but I thought it would be nice for any interested students to submit a video for an online virtual recital!

I would ask all videos be sent to me by end of day, Sunday 12/20. That way I can compile them and put them up by Wednesday evening at 7PM. At that time all can go and view the virtual recital in their own time. :)

Here are some instructions and pointers regarding recording your video and more, before sending to Mr. Chet:

  • Video Placement: for pianists, we should see from head to toe / for trumpeters, they should stand and we should see from either head to toe, or head to knees

  • Lighting: brighter is better, especially directly on the performer, but best if no lamps or bright lights are directly facing the camera.

  • Video background: try to clean up any clutter that might be in the background, feel free to add a plant or holiday decoration

  • Attire: probably should be kind of nice, anywhere from dressy to 'casual nice'

  • Music Preparation: if using music, have music already in place prior to giving yourself a quiet count-in

  • Recording: * Important *: please allow for a few seconds of video before AND after each performance piece. That will be very helpful as I hope to fade in and out of each performer, so it would be best not to hit stop right away but let a few seconds happen before stopping the video.

  • Endings:
    • my plan is to fade to black after each performer, then fade up from black before the next performer.
    • after the final cutoff - pianists set their hands down and continue to look forward / trumpeters just bring your trumpet down and continue to look forward.

  • When finished recording, please text the video to me of each performance piece.

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