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Learning music is one of the best things you can do for your children or yourself!

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Lesson Book SR/ET/IMPROV
04-05 Friends at the Piano
06-07 Parade of Friends
08 Posture Power
09 Making Glasses
10-11 Giddy-up, Pony!
12-13 Ode to Joy
14 The Grand Staff
15 Music Alphabet on the Grand Staff
16 The King's Cat
17 The Queen's Cat
18-19 Tub Time
20-21 Gliding Goldfish
22-23 Pumpkin Party
24-25 Mozart's Musical Patterns
26 Ride the "A" Train
27 Tooth Fairy
28-29 Tucker's Secret Life
30-31 A-B Bop!
32-33 Russian Folk Dance
34-35 Sounds of Beethoven
36 Time Signature
37 _____ the Time Keeper
38-39 Gallop, Pony
40-41 King of the Land
42-43 Tambourine Party
44 Finger Trick 1
45 Finger Trick 2
46 Ice Cream Dog
47 Knock! Knock!
48-49 Hush, Little Baby
50 Wolfgang's Theme
51 Ludwig's Theme
52 On My Two-Wheeler (for LEFT HAND)
53 On My Two-Wheeler (for RIGHT HAND)
54 Airplane Pilot
55 Tap, Be Nimble
56-57 Picnic with Friends
58-59 Beethoven's Door
60 Pilot, Land Your Plane
61 Scotland Bells
62-63 I Would Like to Go to Mars
64 Construction Zone - Steam Shovel (for L.H.)
65 Construction Zone - The Crane (for R.H.)
66 Pearl in the C
67 Octave Blues
68-69 This Is My C Scale
70-71 Pet Dragon
72-73 Hide-and-Seek
74-75 Hot Chocolate, Whipped-Cream Day
76-77 Alouette
78-79 Alley Cat Choir
80 Write, Beethoven
81 Rock It and Roll It
82-83 Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
84 Twinkle, Twinkle Variation 1
85 Twinkle, Twinkle Variation 2

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