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Learning music is one of the best things you can do for your children or yourself!

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Lesson Book Theory Book SR/ET
04-05 Theory
06-07 Note Reading Guide
08-09 When the Saints Go Marching In
10 8th Notes 02 8th Notes
11 Famous People / Awesome Creatures 03 Famous Rhymes
12 Skip to My Lou 04 Fiddle to My 8th Notes
13 Leftover Popcorn 05 The Natural
14-15 A Minuet for Mr. Bach's Children 06-07 A Jazzy Song for Mr. Bach
16-17 Mr. Brahms' Famous Lullaby 08 Time Signature Game.pdf, 09 Gypsy Tunes (SR, ET) SR/ET
18 Ice Cream, More Ice Cream
19 Mr. Haydn's Theme 10 Transposing, 11 A Short Story about Mr. Haydn, 12 Mr. Haydn's Themes to Transpose
20-21 My Daydream 13 Listen to Bach, Beethoven, and Brahms (ET) ET
22 The Clock Strikes Thirteen! 14 Crescendo and Diminuendo
23 The Elf's Silver Hammer 15 SR and ET (with crescendo and dim) SR/ET
24-25 Ode to Joy 16-17 The Phrase (tongue twisters)
26 I Am the King 18 I Am the Phrase Finder!
27 Moonlight Melody 19 If You Meet an Alligator
28 The Puppet Show 20 Half Step Review
29 Kitch-iti-kipi
30-31 Our Detective Agency 21 Whole Steps
32-33 Storms on Saturn 22 Moon Shadows Improv, 23 Planets and Moons (ET) ET
34 The D 5-Finger Scale 24 Cheers for the D Scale
35 Cheers for D Chords
36 This R.H. Old Man, This L.H. Old Man 25 This Old Man Played This Old Chord
37 Spring 26 A Short Story about Antonio Vivaldi
38-39 Pirate of the North Sea
40-41 The Queen's Royal Entrance 27 Rhythm Trouble! (ET) ET
42 The A 5-Finger Scale, Cheers for A Chords 28 Cheers for the A Scale
43 Peter Pan's Flight 29 Peter Pan's Key Flight
44-45 Aardvark Boogie 30 Questions and Answers, 31 Playing on a Cloud
46-47 Whirling Leaves 32 Whirling Leaves Improv, 33 Name the chords (also ET) ET
48-49 Changing Moods 34-35 Major and Minor Sounds
50-51 Sword Dance
52-53 In an Old Castle 36 Concert at the Old Castle
54 Jazz Blast 38-39 Battle of the Bands (Major and minor)
55 Jazz Blast Improvisation
56 Cheers for Cm Chords, Applause for Gm Chords
57 Hooray for Dm Chords, Bravo for Am Chords
58-59 What's a Lead Sheet, Go Tell Aunt Rhody 37 Go Tell Aunt Rhody (lead sheet in D)
60-61 Snake Charmer 40 The Snake Charmer's Party (improv)
62-63 Warm-ups

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