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Learning music is one of the best things you can do for your children or yourself!

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Lesson Book Theory Book SR/ET
04-05 Theory
06 Moon Walker
07 Captain Hook's Rockin' Party 02 Sea Notes!
08 Almost Like A Dream
09 Sounds from the Gumdrop Factory 03 Gumdrop Intervals SR/ET
10-11 Cross-Hand Arpeggios
12-13 Spanish Caballero 04-05 Caballero Chords and Arpeggios SR/ET
14 Sixth Hour 06 Sixths on the Keyboard
15 Boxcar Rumble 07 Boxcar Sixths
16-17 The Great Clock 08 New Chimes for Bib Ben!
18-19 Shave and a Haircut 09 Barbershop Sounds/Boxcar Sounds SR/ET
20-21 C Major Scale 10-11 The C Major Scale Improv
22-23 Jumpin' Jazz Cat 12-13 A Map Through Music Town/Complete the Melodies of Famous Composers
24-25 Down by the Bay 14-15 I and V7 Chord Talk/Picnic by the Bay
26-27 The Ice Skaters 16-17 Ice Spinners Waltz/Musical Terms, Skating Sounds ET
28-29 G Major Scale 18 G Major Scale Improv
30-31 Vive la France! 19-20 The G Major Scale/Complete the Melodies of Famous Composers
32-33 Two Spirituals xxx
32-33 Camptown Races Duet 21 The Duel of the I and V7 Chords
33 Boom Boom! 22-23 I and V7 Chord Talk in G/Here Comes the Band!
34-35 Horse-Drawn Carriage 24-25 Key Carriages/Carriage Sounds
37 Pedal Power
38-39 Beach Party Beach Party Ledger Lines
40-41 Riding the Wind 28-29 Wind in the Grass
42-43 Pumpkin Boogie 30-31 Drawing an Eighth (8th) Rest_All Kinds of Rests ET
44-45 Deck the Keys 32-33 Two-Handed Rhythms/Deck the Pianos
46-47 This Is My Planet Earth
48-49 What's a Lead Sheet/Hey, Ho, Nobody Home 34-35 Guess This Tune!/Hey, Ho, Somebody Home SR/ET
50 Chord Jumps
51 Lazy Chord Blues 36 Measure the I, IV, and V7 chords!
52-53 New World Symphony Theme 37 The Harvesters ET
54-55 Duke of York Strut 38-39 The Duke of Chords and His Men/Minuet in G
56-57 Canoeing in the Moonlight 40-41 Broken Chords in the Moonlight/Moonlight Fish Jumps, Ripples in the Water SR/ET
58-59 F Major Scale 42-43 The F Major Scale Improv
60-61 Turkish March 44 Complete the Melodies of Famous Composers
62 Latin Sounds 45-46 Latin Rhythm Band/One Final Tune to Guess
63 Aria 47 Bach's March Rhythm/Bach's Bagpipe Rhythm SR/ET
64-65 Auld Lang Syne 48 Let's Hear It for the Piano!
66-71 Scale and Chord Adventures

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