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Learning music is one of the best things you can do for your children or yourself!

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Lesson Book Theory Book SR/ET
04 Sitting at the Piano
05 Making a Round Hand Shape
06 Finger Numbers 02 Which Hand and Finger?
07 Finger Flashcards
08 The Pecking Rooster
09 The Pecking Hen
10 Two Black Ants
11 Two Blackbirds 03 Low and High Sounds
12 Into the Cave 04-05 Into the Cave Improvisation
13 Three Little Kittens 06-07 Inspect the Notes!, Be All Ears!
14 The Quarter Note 08 Rhythm Call!
15 The Old Clock
16 The Walking Song
17 Tightrope Walker 09 Your High-Wire Tune
18 The Half Note 10 Rhythm Tryout!
19 The I Like Song
20 I Hear the Echo 11 Rhythm A or Rhythm B, Echo the Rhythm!
21 The Whole Note
22-23 Old MacDonald Had a Song 12 Farmer, Count Your Bleats, 13 Hidden Music Words
24 The Music Alphabet
25 Learning C-D-E
26 About Steps
27 Learning F-G-A-B 14 A-maze-ing Keys, 15 Let's Make Alphabet Soup
28 C-D-E-F-G March 16 C Scale Ladders, Quarter Note Guy Heads to the Beach
29 Men from Mars 17 Who's Your Favorite Martian?
30 Ode to Joy
31 Sea Story
32 Hey, Mr. Half Note Dot! 18 Notes and Pencils!
33 Alouette 19 What's the Dynamic Mark?
34 The Staff 20 The Staff, The Grand Staff
35 Bass Clef Treble Clef
36 Middle C March
37 A Ten-Second Song 21 A Twenty-Second Royal Song
38 Driving in the G Clef 22 The Treble Clef or G Clef
39 Best Friends 23 Sightreading
40 Gorilla in the Tree
41 My Invention 24 The Bass Clef or F Clef, 25 The Greatest Gadget
42 March on D-E-F 26 Elves at Play
43 Mister Bluebird 27 Bluebird Calls
44 The Dance Band 28 Conga Line Rhythms
45 Frogs on Logs 29 Risky Rhythms!, Asleep on the Lily Pads
46 Let's Play Ball 30 Baseball B's!
47 Petite Minuet 31 Tricky Time Signatures
48 Rodeo 32 A, You Are Awesome
49 Russian Folk Song 33 The Patterns of Russian Folk Song
50-51 Come See the Parade! 34-35 Bass Clef Parade, Two Parade Tunes
52 Hey, Hey, Look at Me! 36 Hey, Hey, Skip to the Ball!
53 Allegro 37 Allegro Ride of Pegasus
54 Elephant Ride 38 An Elephant Joke
55 Yankee Doodle 39 Time for Playback!
56 Magic Rhyme for Bass D
57 A Joke for You 40 Keychain Notes
58 Football Game 41 Score a Touchdown!
59 Octavius the Octopus
60-61 Copy Cat 42 Copycat Meows!
62 Grandmother
63 Musical Question 43 Questions and Answers
64-65 Lemonade Stand 44 Let's Buy Lemonade
66 All My Friends 45 Tricky Measures, All Ears!
67 Bells of Great Britain
68 Come On, Tigers! 46-47 Tiger Cheer
69 Princess or Monster?
70-71 The Bugle Boys 48 The Bugle Boys Quiz
72 Piano Adventures Certificate

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