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Stick Grip:

There are two types of grip for drumming: ‘Traditional’ and ‘Matched’.

Traditional grip is named for the traditional style of playing a marching snare drum. It was not until sometime in the 1900s that harnesses existed that allowed for a marching snare drum to sit parallel to the ground. Traditionally, marching snare drums were worn on a sling and sat off the players left hip at an angle. To accommodate the angled playing surface, the drummer would hold their left stick differently than their right stick. Matched grip is named for the fact that each hand matches one another and holds their respective sticks identically.

In both grips, the right hand holds the stick with the style shown for the “Matched Grip” picture. The Left hand is the only hand that changes from grip to grip. While the intricacies of the traditional grip are harder to explain and could take up an entire blog post, the Matched Grip could be explained like this: Set a drumstick down on a flat surface, and pick it up without thinking too hard about how you’re holding it. Chances are however you pick up the stick is pretty darn close to Matched Grip.

Traditional Grip is common only in marching percussion, and jazz drumming. While not necessary in jazz drumming, it is the preferred style for a majority of jazz drummers. Traditional grip is necessary in marching percussion because to this day it is still the standard. If you hope to advance and join marching percussion groups, you’ll need to build your “Traditional Chops.”

What are chops? “Chops” refers to the technical ability level of a drummer’s hands.

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