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Learning music is one of the best things you can do for your children or yourself!

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Parts of the Drum Grips for Drumming Tips History of the Drum Duets Drum Repertoire
The Greatest Classical Drummers The Greatest Jazz Drummers

Below are tips and videos related to becoming the best Drummer you can be!:

Check out this page showing the parts of the Drum

Check out this page showing the different grips for Drumming

Drum Tips!:
Drum Care: This page tells how to care for your drum: Drum Care
Drum Tips: This page offers tips on holding your drum, note cut-offs, use of your air and more: Drum Tips
Information on playing percussion, and changing drum heads (amromusic.com)
Drum Rudiments (.pdf file)

3 Easy Beginner Drum Beats | Beginner Drum Lesson - Drum Beats Online (Drum Beats Online)
20 Drum Beats (Drum Beats Online)
10 Popular Drum Patterns Every Producer Should Know (LANDR)
10 Beginner Drum Beats | Go From "No" To "Pro" (Stephen Taylor)
15 Must-Know Tom Beats (Jeff Randall)

Drum History:
Percussion (per ohmusicstudent)
History of the Drum (per Standard of Excellence, Book 1)
History of the Drum (per musicalinstrumentguide.com)
History of the Drum (per theinstrumentplace.com)
Drum (instrument) (per wikipedia.org)

Drum Duets:
Great duets for 2 Drums!

Drum Repertoire:
xxx, xxx: ... (.pdf file)

The Greatest Classical Drummers!:
20 Great Classical Drummers

Short List:
1. xxx (c.16xx-16xx) xxx was well known and highly regarded as a

xxx (b.19xx) ...

The Greatest Jazz Drummers!:
Best Jazz Drummers Ever (from www.udiscovermusic.com/stories/best-jazz-drummers/)

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