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Parts of the Piano Fingerings Tips and More History of the Piano Duets Piano Repertoire
The Greatest Classical Pianists The Greatest Jazz Pianists

Below are tips and videos related to becoming the best Pianist you can be!

Check out this page showing the parts of the piano

Check out this page showing the fingering charts for the Piano

TIPS and More:
Piano Care: This page tells how to care for your trumpet: Piano Care
Piano Tips: This page offers tips on hand positions, finger shape, note cut-offs, use of your hand and arm weight and more!: Piano Tips
Piano Tips (sound): This page offers tips on improving your sound on the piano: More Piano Tips
Piano Exercises and More: This page shows several Piano exercises examples and more: Piano Exercises
Piano Upgrade: This page shows information on purchasing a high quality Piano: Purchasing a High Quality Piano
Piano Tips
- trills
This page offers tips on playing various types of trills: Playing Trills
Piano Tips
- staccato
This page offers tips on playing staccato: Playing Staccato

Theory Related (to top)
Key Signatures: Learning Key Signatures (.pdf file)
One Minute Club: One Minute Club - Study Sheet (.pdf file) (updated version)
One Minute Club: Flash Cards (to print) (.pdf file)
More: Dynamic Levels in Music; Modes of Music (.pdf file); 4 Basic Chord Types (.pdf file); Chords and Their Positions (.pdf file); Circle of Fifths (.jpg image) (2, 3); Instrument Ranges (.pdf file); Learning Intervals (.pdf file); Learning Key Signatures (.pdf file); Main Scale Types (.pdf file); Ledger Lines (.pdf file) (examples); Ornaments (hellomusictheory.com); Musical Symbols (.jpg image); Roman Numeral Chords (.jpg file); Scales to Triads (Treble Clef) (.pdf file) (BC); Cadences in Music (plagal, half, authentic, deceptive) (musicnotes.com); So There! (plagal, half, authentic, deceptive) (.pdf file); Songs for interval recognition (.pdf file); Triads in Groups - Major (Treble Clef) (.pdf file) (BC); Working Transition Spots (.jpg file, .pdf file); Blind testing a 50 Pitch Difference (and smaller); Pencil marks on Bach Prelude
Faber, Learning 1st Notes: Books A-C, Primer to Level 1

Sight-Reading: Several examples to sight-read!
Metronome markings (.pdf file)

Piano Explorer:
1981, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990
1991: January, July/August, September, October, November, December
1992: February, May/June, December
1993: March, September, November
1994: February, March, April, May/June, October
1995: March, July/August, September, November, December
1996: January, February, March, May/June, July/August, September
1997: January, February, March, April, May/June, July/August, October
1998: January March, April, May-June, July/August, September, October, November
1999: July/August, September, December
2000: April, October, December
2001: February, April, May/June, September, October, November, December
2002: January, February, March, April, September, October, November
2003: September
2005: January
2007: September, November
2008: March
2009: November, December
2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 (final issue: May/June)
Unfortunately, their subscriptions significantly decreased during the pandemic and they were no longer able to continue the print magazine after the May/June 2021 issue.

Other Keyboard Instruments
Harpsichord: The harpsichord...
Clavichord: The clavichord...

Playing Gospel Piano
YouTube: Learn Gospel Piano In 15 Minutes (For Beginner Piano Players)) (DreamHouse Musiq)
YouTube: How To Learn Gospel Piano By Ear For Beginners (Imagine Me Kirk Franklin)) (DreamHouse Musiq)
YouTube: Easy Piano Tutorial 101 - Gospel Music Fundamentals & Music Theory For Beginners (Jermaine Griggs & Jonathan Powell)
YouTube: Gospel Music Theory 102: Learn Notes, Half-Steps vs Whole-Steps, Sharps vs Flats (Jermaine Griggs & Jonathan Powell)

Three Great Gospel Piano Players (Anthony Burger, Richard Smallwood, Gordon Mote)
YouTube: 7 Gospel Pianists You Should Watch on YouTube (gospelchops.com)

YouTube: How to play Gospel Piano: part 1 - Learn Gospel Walkups (TopMusicCo - Tim Topham)
YouTube: How to play Gospel Piano: part 2 - Learn Gospel Riffs (TopMusicCo - Tim Topham)

Playing a Hammond B3 Organ
YouTube: How To Play Hammond Organ - Everything You Need To Know (Piano Groove)
YouTube: How do Hammond organ drawbars work? (Nick Foley UK - Hammond for Hire)
YouTube: DRAWBARS!! How do you work these things?! (Universe of Keys)
YouTube: L#12 Top 5 Organ Drawbar Settings You Must Know (The Gospel University)
YouTube: Hammond Organ Drawbar Settings to Remember! (Frank Montis)
YouTube: B3 Drawbars in Solo Situations (HowAudioTV)

YouTube: Tony Monaco Hammond B3 Settings and Sounds! (Tony Monaco)
YouTube: Tony Monaco Hammond B3 Settings and Sounds Too! (Tony Monaco)

YouTube: How to do Slides on the Hammond Organ! (Universe of Keys)
YouTube: A guide to Hammond organ glissando and swoops. (Nick Foley UK - Hammond for Hire)

YouTube: Burnin' B-3 Master Tony Monaco Loves Jimmy Smith (Jazz Video Guy)

Playing Jazz Improv on an Accordion:
What a Little Moonlight Can Do - Wynton Marsalis with Richard Galliano at Jazz in Marciac 2014

Piano Repertoire:
Daily Warm-ups: Technical Exercises and Scales (audio)
(includes exercises by Faber, Schaum, Hanon and Czerny)

  Original Compositions (audio), as referenced in the Faber Books
Faber Performance Books: Primer Level (audio)
Level 1 (audio)
Level 2A (audio) (lt)
Level 2B (audio)
Level 3A (audio)
Level 3B (audio)
Level 4 (audio)
Level 5 (audio)

Faber Popular Repertoire Books: Primer Level (audio)
Level 1 (audio)
Level 2A (audio)
Level 2B (audio)
Level 3A (audio)
Level 3B (audio)
Level 4 (audio)
Level 5 (audio)
Faber Improv Pages!
Theory Books Primer Level Into the Cave Improvisation
Primer Level A Twenty-Second Royal Song
Primer Level Asleep on the Lily Pads
Level 1 Ferris Wheel Improv
Level 1 Young Hunter Improv
Level 1 Dinosaur Dance Improv
Level 2A Moon Shadows Improv
Level 2A Whirling Leaves Improv
Level 2B Let's Improvise in C Major
Level 2B Let's Improvise in G Major
Level 2B Let's Improvise in F Major
Level 3A Music for a Time Machine
Level 3A Canoe Ride Improvisation
Lesson Books Pre-reading Level A Will You Play?
Level 2A Jazz Blast Improvisation
Faber Disney Books:       Primer Level       Level 1       Level 2A       Level 2B       Level 3A-3B       Level 4

Faber Jazz & Blues Books:       Primer Level       Level 1       Level 2A       Level 2B       Level 3A-3B       Level 4

Jazz, Rags, & Blues (Martha Mier):       Book 1       Book 2       Book 3       Book 4

Holidays:            July 4th       Halloween       Christmas      

Certificate of Merit: Marlais Preparatory Level (0,1)
Marlais Level 1 (1,2)
Marlais Level 2 (2,3)
Marlais Level 3 (3,4)
Marlais Level 4 (4,5)
Marlais Level 5 (5,6)
Marlais Level 6 (6,7)
Marlais Level 7 (7,8)
Marlais Level 8 (9)
Magrath Levels 1-2 (0,1)
Magrath Level 3 (2)
Magrath Level 4 (3)
Magrath Level 5 (4,5)
Magrath Level 6 (-----)
Magrath Level 7 (-----)
Magrath Level 8 (-----)
Magrath Level 9 (-----)
Magrath Level 10 (-----)
Snell Preparatory Level (0)
Snell Level 1 (1)
Snell Level 2 (2)
Snell Level 3 (3)
Snell Level 4 (4)
Snell Level 5 (5)
Snell Level 6 (6)
Snell Level 7 (7)
Snell Level 8 (8)
Snell Level 9 (9)
Snell Level 10 (10)

      Master List of all Marlais, Magrath and Snell books, sorted by Time Period/Composer

CM Level 10 Related
     The Royal Conservatory Celebration Series Level 10 Etudes (audio) Celebration Series Level 10 2015 edition (audio)
     Keith Snell:
Level 10 Etudes (audio) Level 10 Baroque and Classical (audio) Level 10 Romantic 20th Century (audio)
     Etudes Only Level 10 Etudes - Royal Conservatory, Keith Snell, and others (audio)
     Repertoire Only Level 10 Repertoire - Royal Conservatory, Keith Snell, and others (audio)

Robert Starer - Sketches in Color (set 1) (Preface):
1. Purple sample 1 sample 2 Polytonality
2. Shades of Blue sample 1 sample 2 Jazz Style, Parallel Motion
3. Black and White sample 1 sample 2 Bitonality
4. Bright Orange sample 1 sample 2 Jazz Syncopation
5. Grey sample 1 sample 2 12 Tone Row
6. Pink sample 1 sample 2 Lyricism
7. Crimson sample 1 sample 2 Asymmetric Rhythms (7/8)

Paul Hindemith - Kleine Klaviermusik (1929):
1 MaBig schnell audio
2 Ruhig bewegt audio
3 Munter. Schnelle Viertel audio
4 Lebhaft, sehr markiert audio
5 Schnell. Ganze Takte audio
6 Gemachlich audio
7 Schnell und wild audio
8 MaBig schnell audio
9 Langsam, ruhig schreitend audio
10 Munter, ziemlich lebhaft audio
11 MaBig schnell audio
12 Bewegt audio

Paul Hindemith - Wir Bauen Eine Stadt (1931):
No. 1 Marsch audio
No. 2 Lied: Wir bauen eine neue Stadt audio
No. 3 Musikstuck: Man zeigt neu ankommenden Leuten die Stadt audio
No. 4 Lied: Ich bin ein Schaffner audio
No. 5 Man spielt "Besuch" audio
No. 6 Die Diebe kommen in der Nacht audio

Museum Masterpieces
(original pieces by Catherine Rollin):       Book 1       Book 2       Book 3       Book 4

Music by the Masters (audio)
(includes intermediate pieces by J.S. Bach, C.P.E. Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Grieg, Handel, Haydn, Mendelsohn, Mozart, Schubert, Schumann, and Tchaikovsky)

Sonatina Album (Schirmers) (audio)
(includes Sonatina's, Rondos and other pieces by Kuhlau, Clementi, Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Dussek, Bach, Schubert, Weber, and Mendelssohn)

Edvard Grieg:
Complete Lyrical Pieces
Sonata Op. 7 (piano: Katarina Andjelkovic):
1. Allegro moderato
2.Andante molto
3.Alla Menuetto, ma poco piu lento
4.Finale. Molto allegro
whole piece

Piano Duets!:
Great duets for 4 hands!
Great duets for 8 hands!

Piano History:
History of the Piano (per thoughtco.com)
History of the Piano (per musicalinstrumentguide.com)
History of the Piano (per theinstrumentplace.com)
Piano (instrument) (per wikipedia.org)

Book: "The Piano - It's Story, from Zither to Grand"

The Greatest Classical Pianists!:
Best Classical Pianists Ever

The Greatest Jazz Pianists!:
Best Jazz Pianists Ever
Some of the Best Jazz Pianists as Composers
Jazz Piano Solos - Audio Links (for my several books of jazz piano solo transcriptions, and for more transcriptions not in the books!)

Bill Evans Related
     5 Ways to Play Like Bill Evans (.pdf file)
     How to Sound Like Bill Evans [Jazz Piano Tutorial] (YouTube)

The Sacramento Classic Jazz Messengers
Timeline of Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers (.jpg file)

Jazz Lingo
Hepster Dictionary of Jive      (apassion4jazz.net)

12-Bar Blues: List of Blues Heads (sorted by title, .pdf file)
Jazz Standards: Sample Jazz Standard List (concert parts)
Jazz Improv: Notes on Improvisation: ii-V-I vs. just playing over I

Voicings: Voicing 1's (.pdf file)
Voicing 2's (.pdf file)
Voicing 3's (fourth voicings) (.pdf file)
Standard Blues Voicings (in C) (.pdf file)

Jazz Listening Worksheet (online form)
Jazz Listening Worksheet (.pdf file)

The Jazz Piano Book (Mark Levine)
Photography Directory (including audio samples of each jazz pianist)
Chapter 1: All 4 Chord Types - Triads in all 12 keys (root position and inversions) (.pdf file)
Chapter 2: ii-V-I Progression - all 12 keys (all root position) (.pdf file)
Chapter 3: ii-V-I progression (in both positions) (.pdf file)
Chapter 4: Suggested tunes to work on (.pdf file)
Chapter 5: Suggested tunes to work on (.pdf file)
Chapter 6: Suggested tunes to work on (.pdf file)
Chapter 7: xxx (.pdf file)
Chapter 8: xxx (.pdf file)
Chapter 9: xxx (.pdf file)
Chapter 10: xxx (.pdf file)
Chapter 11: xxx (.pdf file)
Chapter 12: xxx (.pdf file)
Chapter 13: xxx (.pdf file)
Chapter 14: xxx (.pdf file)
Chapter 15: xxx (.pdf file)
Chapter 16: xxx (.pdf file)
Chapter 17: xxx (.pdf file)
Chapter 18: xxx (.pdf file)
Chapter 19: xxx (.pdf file)
Chapter 20: xxx (.pdf file)
Chapter 21: xxx (.pdf file)
Chapter 22: xxx (.pdf file)
Chapter 23: xxx (.pdf file)

Scale warm-ups, Various Patterns, LH Accompaniment Styles (Harry Likas, 2007, 2001) (3 pages, .pdf file)

Jazz Inventions for Keyboard (Bill Cunliffe)
Prep Exercise No. 3 (lead sheet) (.pdf file)

The Jazz Improvisation Series (John Mehegan)
1. Tonal and Rhythmic Principles
2. Jazz Rhythm and the Improvised Line
3. Swing and Early Progressive Piano Styles
4. Contemporary Piano Styles

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