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The Greatest Classical Pianists The Greatest Jazz Pianists

Below are tips and videos related to becoming the best Pianist you can be!:

Check out this page showing the parts of the piano

Check out this page showing the fingering charts for the Piano

Piano Care: This page tells how to care for your trumpet: Piano Care
Piano Tips: This page offers tips on hand positions, finger shape, note cut-offs, use of your hand and arm weight and more!: Piano Tips
Piano Tips (sound): This page offers tips on improving your sound on the piano: More Piano Tips
Piano Exercises and More: This page shows several Piano exercises examples and more: Piano Exercises
Piano Upgrade: This page shows information on purchasing a high quality Piano: Purchasing a High Quality Piano
Piano Tips
- trills
This page offers tips on playing various types of trills: Playing Trills
Piano Tips
- staccato
This page offers tips on playing staccato: Playing Staccato

Piano Repertoire:
Music by the Masters (audio)
(includes intermediate pieces by J.S. Bach, C.P.E. Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Grieg, Handel, Haydn, Mendelsohn, Mozart, Schubert, Schumann, and Tchaikovsky)
Sonatina Album (Schirmers) (audio)
(includes Sonatina's, Rondos and other pieces by Kuhlau, Clementi, Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Dussek, Bach, Schubert, Weber, and Mendelssohn)
Certificate of Merit: Marlais Preparatory Level (audio)
Marlais Level 1 (audio)
Marlais Level 2 (audio)
Marlais Level 3 (audio)
Marlais Level 4 (audio)
Marlais Level 5 (audio)
Marlais Level 6 (audio)
Marlais Level 7 (audio)
Marlais Level 8 (audio)
Magrath Levels 1-2 (audio)
Magrath Level 3 (audio)
Magrath Level 4 (audio)
Magrath Level 5 (audio)
Magrath Level 6 (audio)
Magrath Level 7 (audio)
Magrath Level 8 (audio)
Magrath Level 9 (audio)
Magrath Level 10 (audio)

      Master List of all Marlais and Magrath books, sorted by Time Period/Composer

Faber Performance Books: Level 1 (audio)
Level 2A (audio)
Level 2B (audio)
Level 3A (audio)
Level 3B (audio)
Level 4 (audio)
Level 5 (audio)

Faber Popular Repertoire Books: Level 1 (audio)
Level 2A (audio)
Level 2B (audio)
Level 3A (audio)
Level 3B (audio)
Level 4 (audio)
Level 5 (audio)
Faber Improv Pages!
Theory Books Primer Level Into the Cave Improvisation
Primer Level A Twenty-Second Royal Song
Primer Level Asleep on the Lily Pads
Level 1 Ferris Wheel Improv
Level 1 Young Hunter Improv
Level 1 Dinosaur Dance Improv
Level 2A Moon Shadows Improv
Level 2A Whirling Leaves Improv
Level 2B Let's Improvise in C Major
Level 2B Let's Improvise in G Major
Level 2B Let's Improvise in F Major
Lesson Books Pre-reading Level A Will You Play?
Level 2A Jazz Blast Improvisation

Robert Starer - Sketches in Color (set 1) (Preface):
1. Purple sample 1 sample 2 Polytonality
2. Shades of Blue sample 1 sample 2 Jazz Style, Parallel Motion
3. Black and White sample 1 sample 2 Bitonality
4. Bright Orange sample 1 sample 2 Jazz Syncopation
5. Grey sample 1 sample 2 12 Tone Row
6. Pink sample 1 sample 2 Lyricism
7. Crimson sample 1 sample 2 Asymmetric Rhythms (7/8)

Paul Hindemith - Kleine Klaviermusik (1929):
1 MaBig schnell audio
2 Ruhig bewegt audio
3 Munter. Schnelle Viertel audio
4 Lebhaft, sehr markiert audio
5 Schnell. Ganze Takte audio
6 Gemachlich audio
7 Schnell und wild audio
8 MaBig schnell audio
9 Langsam, ruhig schreitend audio
10 Munter, ziemlich lebhaft audio
11 MaBig schnell audio
12 Bewegt audio

Paul Hindemith - Wir Bauen Eine Stadt (1931):
No. 1 Marsch audio
No. 2 Lied: Wir bauen eine neue Stadt audio
No. 3 Musikstuck: Man zeigt neu ankommenden Leuten die Stadt audio
No. 4 Lied: Ich bin ein Schaffner audio
No. 5 Man spielt "Besuch" audio
No. 6 Die Diebe kommen in der Nacht audio

Piano Duets!:
Great duets for 4 hands!
Great duets for 8 hands!

Piano History:
History of the Piano (per thoughtco.com)
History of the Piano (per musicalinstrumentguide.com)
History of the Piano (per theinstrumentplace.com)
Piano (instrument) (per wikipedia.org)

Book: "The Piano - It's Story, from Zither to Grand"

The Greatest Classical Pianists!:
Best Classical Pianists Ever

The Greatest Jazz Pianists!:
Best Jazz Pianists Ever
Some of the Best Jazz Pianists as Composers
Jazz Piano Solos - Audio Links (for my several books of jazz piano solo transcriptions, and for more transcriptions not in the books!)

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