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BLUES HEADS (nothing but the blues!)

Below are all tunes based on the 12-bar Blues. Have your music ready and watch the music as you listen to the audio references:
Rest your mouse over the title link to see the personnel (or click here for a page showing personnel below each link)
Dates shown are recording dates, not release dates

Master file (all blues heads, .pdf file)

Backing tracks:
Blues in concert Bb: (qn=120, qn=140, qn=160)
Blues in concert C: (qn=120, qn=140, qn=160, qn=180, qn=200, qn=220, qn=240, qn=260)
Blues in concert F: (qn=120, qn=140, qn=160) Blues in concert G: (qn=120, qn=140, qn=160)

Tune Title (audio) Composer (Bb parts) (concert) Concert Key

Au Privave (1951) Charlie Parker F Major
Bag's Groove (1954) Milt Jackson F Major
Bags and Trane (1959) Milt Jackson C Minor
Barbados (1949) Charlie Parker F Major
Bass Blues (1957) John Coltrane Ab Major
Bessie's Blues (1964) John Coltrane Eb Major
Billie's Bounce (1945) Charlie Parker F Major
Birdlike (1961) Freddie Hubbard F Major
Birk's Works (1957) Dizzy Gillespie C Minor (F minor)
Bloomdido (1950) Charlie Parker Bb Major
Blue Monk (1966 v1), (1966 v2) Thelonious Monk Bb Major
Blue 'N Boogie (Ver.1, 1945), (Ver.2, 1954) Dizzy Gillespie, Frank Paparelli Bb Major
Blue Seven (1956) Sonny Rollins Bb Major
Blue Train (1957) John Coltrane Eb Major
Blues By Five (1956) Miles Davis Bb Major
Blues For Alice (1955) Charlie Parker F Major
Blues For Brenda (1960) Freddie Hubbard Bb Minor
Blues in the Closet (1958) Oscar Pettiford G Major (the audio is in G; some books have it in F or Ab)
Blues Walk, The (1955) Clifford Brown Bb Major
C Jam Blues (1942) Duke Ellington C Major (in concert Bb)
Chasin' The Trane (1961) John Coltrane F Major
Cool Blues (1947) Charlie Parker C Major
Cousin Mary (1959) John Coltrane Ab Major
Dr. Jekyll (1955) Jackie McLean F Major
Dr. Jackle (1958) Jackie McLean F Major
Equinox (1960) John Coltrane C# Minor
Isotope (1964) Joe Henderson C Major
Israel (1949) John Carisi D Minor
Mr. P.C. (1959) John Coltrane C Minor
Mumbles (1990) Clark Terry Eb Major
Now's The Time (1953) Charlie Parker F Major
Route 66 (1946) Bobby Troup F Major
Sandu (1955) Clifford Brown Eb Major
Short Stop (1953) Shorty Rogers Eb Major
Some Other Blues (1959) John Coltrane F Major
Tenor Madness (1956) Sonny Rollins Bb Major
The Thumb (1966) Wes Montgomery G Major
Trane's Blues (1956) John Coltrane Bb Major
Trumpet Blues (1954) Dizzy Gillespie, Roy Eldridge G Major
Vierd Blues (19??) Miles Davis Bb Major
Walkin' (1954) Miles Davis F Major (TTN ver 2)

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