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Parts of the Trumpet Fingerings Tips History of the Trumpet Duets Trumpet Repertoire
The Greatest Classical Trumpet Players The Greatest Jazz Trumpet Players

Below are tips and videos related to becoming the best Trumpet player you can be!:

Check out this page showing the parts of the trumpet
(including inside the valves!)

Check out this page showing the fingering charts for the Trumpet

Trumpet Tips!:
Trumpet Care: This page tells how to care for your trumpet: Trumpet Care
Trumpet Tips: This page offers tips on holding your trumpet, note cut-offs, use of your air and more: Trumpet Tips
Trumpet Tips
- sound
This page offers tips on improving your trumpet sound: More Trumpet Tips
Trumpet Exercises and More: This page shows several trumpet exercises examples and more: Trumpet Exercises
Trumpet Upgrade: This page shows information on purchasing a pro quality trumpet: Purchasing a Pro Quality Trumpet
Trumpet Tips
- ghost-tongue
This page offers tips on playing with a "ghost-tongue" style: Using a Ghost-Tongue
Trumpet Tips
- flutter tongue
This page offers tips on playing with a "flutter tongue": Using a Flutter Tongue
Trumpet Tips
- playing with braces
This page offers tips on playing with braces: "So You Got Braces" (.pdf file)
- The C Trumpet
YouTube video: The C Trumpet - Review and Discussion
Forum: TrumpetFORUM.com
Forum: TrumpetHerald.com
Forum: TrumpetBoards.com

Trumpet History:
History of the Trumpet (per Standard of Excellence, Book 1)
Introducing the Baroque Trumpet with Alison Balsom | Classic FM (YouTube with Alison Balsom, 8:29)
Book: Fanfares and Finesse: A Performer's Guide to Trumpet History and Literature (Elisa Koehler)
Unlike the violin, which has flourished largely unchanged for close to four centuries, the trumpet has endured numerous changes in design and social status from the battlefield to the bandstand and ultimately to the concert hall. This colorful past is reflected in the arsenal of instruments a classical trumpeter employs during a performance, sometimes using no fewer than five in different keys and configurations to accurately reproduce music from the past. With the rise in historically inspired performances comes the necessity for trumpeters to know more about their instrument's heritage, its repertoire, and different performance practices for old music on new and period-specific instruments. More than just a history of the trumpet, this essential reference book is a comprehensive guide for musicians who bring that musical history to life.
Book: The Trumpet (Yale Musical Instrument Series) (John Wallace)
The story of the trumpet from prehistory to the present day, written by two of its outstanding performers and teachers

In the first major book devoted to the trumpet in more than two decades, John Wallace and Alexander McGrattan trace the surprising evolution and colorful performance history of one of the world's oldest instruments. They chart the introduction of the trumpet and its family into art music, and its rise to prominence as a solo instrument, from the Baroque "golden age," through the advent of valved brass instruments in the nineteenth century, and the trumpet's renaissance in the jazz age. The authors offer abundant insights into the trumpet's repertoire, with detailed analyses of works by Haydn, Handel, and Bach, and fresh material on the importance of jazz and influential jazz trumpeters for the reemergence of the trumpet as a solo instrument in classical music today.

Wallace and McGrattan draw on deep research, lifetimes of experience in performing and teaching the trumpet in its various forms, and numerous interviews to illuminate the trumpet's history, music, and players. Copiously illustrated with photographs, facsimiles, and music examples throughout, The Trumpet will enlighten and fascinate all performers and enthusiasts.
Book: A Timeline of Trumpets: Collecting the History of Modern Trumpets (Ron Berndt)
Trumpets have been a part of human culture since before there were humans. They have served as expressions of emotion, tools of the hunter-gatherer, tools of the warrior, and ultimately once again as a means of expressing that emotion from deep within the human soul that manifests as music. To look at how the trumpet has transformed in its role in human society is to look at how human society itself has transformed. And, as a material object once adapted from nature, but which took new forms as the successive technologies of metalworking, component sub-assembly fabrication, machining, high-force mechanical forming and ultimately automation transformed the abilities of humans to make objects for their use, it is a microcosm of human technological and socio-economic evolution. To collect and study examples of every form the trumpet has taken since the time when proto-human tools were limited to a choicely shaped rock up to the present day would be prohibitively expensive and practically impossible – as examples simply no longer exist. However, with cursory examination of the first 99% of said history, the evolution of the trumpet in modern times provides an excellent case study into how the forces of human cultural, religious, political, material and technological change interact with one another and manifest in a relatively simple and clearly defined element of our culture. Therefore, the bulk of what follows is focused on the piston valve trumpet and the time period during which chromatic trumpets rose to prominence in popular music, became ubiquitous in the schools following the advent of music education, and are now moving to a less prominent role once again as the popular genre moves into the age of electronic music. To that end, what follows is more a timeline of events and physical manifestations than a socio-cultural analysis - though the author has ventured to offer an opinion or ten along the way. The reader should feel free to question assertions made, and to treat this as an archeological data set as much as a history.

Trumpet Duets!:
Great duets for 2 trumpets (including beginner, intermediate, and more advanced)
Great JAZZ duets for 2 trumpets (including beginner, intermediate, and more advanced)

Trumpet Repertoire:
Standard of Excellence - Festival Solos Books 1 and 2 (audio)

Certificate of Merit: Level 1 Pieces for Trumpet and Piano (audio)
Level 2 Pieces for Trumpet and Piano (audio)
Level 3 Pieces for Trumpet and Piano (audio)
Level 4 Pieces for Trumpet and Piano (audio)
Level 5 Pieces for Trumpet and Piano (audio)
Level 1 Pieces (jazz) for Trumpet and CD accomp. (audio)
Level 2 Pieces (jazz) for Trumpet and CD accomp. (audio)
Level 3 Pieces (jazz) for Trumpet and CD accomp. (audio)
Level 4 Pieces (jazz) for Trumpet and CD accomp. (audio)
Level 5 Pieces (jazz) for Trumpet and CD accomp. (audio)

Vassily Brandt: Etudes for Trumpet (audio)

Malcolm Arnold: Fantasy for Trumpet, Op. 100 (audio: Angela Whelan, trumpet)

Suites: Claude Bolling Toot Suite for Trumpet and Jazz Piano (audio: Maurice Andre, Trumpet)
I - Allègre (for C Trumpet, Bb part available)
II - Mystique (for Eb Trumpet, Bb part available)
III - Rag-Polka (for Bb Cornet)
IV - Marche (for Bb Piccolo Trumpet)
V - Vespérale (for Bb Flugelhorn)
VI - Spirituelle (for Bb Piccolo Trumpet)

Sonatas and Concertos: Paul Hindemith Sonata for Trumpet and Piano (1st Movement) (Maurice Andre, Trumpet)
Sonata for Trumpet and Piano (2nd Movement) (Maurice Andre, Trumpet)
Sonata for Trumpet and Piano (3rd Movement) (Maurice Andre, Trumpet)
G. Ph. Telemann Trumpet Sonata in D Major (Finale, YouTube 2:27)
(Maurice Andre, Trumpet; Budapest 1989)

Albinoni, Tomaso Trumpet Concerto in B-flat Major Op.7 No.3 (originally for Oboe) (Baldvin Oddsson, Trumpet)
Arutunian Trumpet Concerto (Sergei Nakariakov, Trumpet)
Haydn, Joseph Concerto in Eb Major (I. Allegro) (Maurice Andre, Trumpet)
Hummel Trumpet Concerto (Maurice Andre, Trumpet)
Neruda Trumpet Concerto (Vicente Olmos, Trumpet)
Tartini Trumpet Concerto (Maurice Andre, Trumpet)

The Greatest Classical Trumpet Players!:
Maurice Andre
Sergio Mendez
Malcolm McNab
Adolph Herseth
Bernard Adelstein
Phillip Smith
David Krauss
Sergei Nakariakov
Hakan Hardengerger
Gerard Schwarz
Raymond Mase
Best Classical Trumpet Players In The World

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Piccolo Trumpet:
The smallest of the trumpet family is the piccolo trumpet, pitched one octave higher than the standard B♭ trumpet. Most piccolo trumpets are built to play in either B♭ or A, using a separate leadpipe for each key. The tubing in the B♭ piccolo trumpet is one-half the length of that in a standard B♭ trumpet. Piccolo trumpets in G, F, and even high C are also manufactured, but are rarer.

The Greatest Jazz Trumpet Players!:
Best Jazz Trumpet Players Ever
Some of the Best Jazz Trumpeters as Composers
Jazz Trumpet Solos - Audio Links (for my several books of jazz trumpet solo transcriptions, and for more transcriptions I have not in those books!)

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