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Time Period: BAROQUE (1600-1750)
Title Composer Time Signature Number of Pages
Bagpipe Unknown composer 4/4 1/2 page
A Merry Dance Couperin, Francois 3/4 1/2 page
Follow the Leader Playford, John 4/4 1

Time Period: CLASSICAL (1750-1830)
March Turk, Daniel Gottlob 4/4 1/2 page
Running the Race (Vol. 1, No. 7) Bach, Johann Christian/
Ricci, Francesco Pasquale
4/4 1/2 page
Elegant Dance Reinagle, Alexander 3/4 1
A Day in the Country Reinagle, Alexander 4/4 1/2 page
Buying Potatoes Reinagle, Alexander 2/4 1/2 page
The Lively Boy Turk, Daniel Gottlob 2/4 1/2 page
Saturday Afternoon Walk Turk, Daniel Gottlob 4/4 1/2 page
At Play (A Piece in Classical Style) Brown, Timothy 4/4 2

Time Period: ROMANTIC (1830-1900)
Two Penguins (Op. 101, No. 39) Beyer, Ferdinand 4/4 1
In a Hot Air Balloon (Op. 70, No. 19) Berens, Hermann 3/4 1
The Mermaid (Op. 823, NO. 13) Czerny, Carl 4/4 1
Busy at Work (Op. 70, No. 22) Berens, Hermann 4/4 1
Going on a Road Trip (Op. 300, No. 43) Kohler, Louis 4/4 1

Time Period: 20TH/21ST CENTURIES (1900-Present)
Having Fun on My Pogo Stick Rahbee, Dianne Goolkasian 3/4 1
The Peacock Roubos, Valerie Roth 3/4, 4/4 2
Lightning Strike! Brown, Timothy 4/4 2
The Dance at the Village Square Leaf, Mary 3/4 2

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