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Hi Tyler! Here are some Games and Learning Tools for you to try. They can help refresh some music ideas and maybe show you some new ones too...

SIGHT READING (practice each on top the keys, then try it)
Game SR-P: Random Preparatory Level samples (35) (quarter, half, or whole notes, rests) (in order, for lessons)
Game SR-1: Random Level 1 samples (47) (dotted half notes; staccato/legato; dynamics) (in order, for lessons)
Game SR-2: Random Level 2 samples (56) (eighth notes) (in order, for lessons)
Game SR-3: Random Level 3 samples (30) (Major/minor key signatures, more dynamic signs) (in order, for lessons)
Game SR-4: Random Level 4 samples (34) (being outside of 5-finger position; dotted quarter notes; syncopation) (in order, for lessons)
Game SR-5: Random Level 5 samples (31) (compound meters, ties; dynamic voicing) (in order, for lessons)
Game SR-6: Random Level 6 samples (33) (16th notes, more dynamics and phrasng; octave plcaments + accidentals) (in order, for lessons)
Game SR-7: Random Level 7 samples (31) (16th notes, use of more terms, signs and symbols) (in order, for lessons)
Game SR-8: Random Level 8 samples (28) (16th and ledger line notes; clef changes (e.g., both hands playing bass or treble clef); more specific tempo markings) (in order, for lessons)
Game SR-9: Random Level 9 samples (24) (triplets, melody shifting between clefs, and finger pedaling) (in order, for lessons)

Game 1: Note Name Game (Drag the correct note name under each note to spell words. Try to get all 10 words correct!)
Game 12: Note Teacher (this game uses two 'mini staffs' - click the correct keys to match the notes on the left staff. Try to get all 20 notes right, before the notes counter counts down to 0! If you keep going it will count up to 31 more notes, but won't show your score at the very end. If you wait too long, it will play a new note for you.)
Game 38: Note Names (Use your own timing as this game won't stop until you click "Stop Drill." For example, choose 2 minutes for yourself, then click "Stop Drill" and check your score. Suggestion:   change the settings to include Treble Clef only, Bass Clef only, spaces only, lines only, etc.)
Game 40_wh: Random Note Names (with hints) ***
Game 40_wa: Random Note Names (with answers on bottoms)
Game 40: Random Note Names (Test yourself in preparation for the "One Minute Club")
Game 40.5: Random Note Names (Test yourself in preparation for the "One Minute Club"; refreshes every 5 seconds!)
Game 40.4: Random Note Names (Test yourself in preparation for the "One Minute Club"; refreshes every 4 seconds!)
Game 40.3: Random Note Names (Test yourself in preparation for the "One Minute Club"; refreshes every 3 seconds!)
Game 40.2: Random Note Names (Test yourself in preparation for the "One Minute Club"; refreshes every 2 seconds!)
Game 40.1: Random Note Names (Test yourself in preparation for the "One Minute Club"; refreshes every second!)
Game 40L: Random Ledger Line Note Names
Game 40Li: Random Ledger Line Note Names (inside of Grand Staff only, refreshes every 5 seconds)
Game 40L5: Random Ledger Line Note Names (refreshes every 5 seconds)
Game 40L4: Random Ledger Line Note Names (refreshes every 4 seconds)
Game 40L3: Random Ledger Line Note Names (refreshes every 3 seconds)
Game 40L2: Random Ledger Line Note Names (refreshes every 2 seconds!)
Game 40L1: Random Ledger Line Note Names (refreshes every 1 second!)
Game 40G5: Grand Staff Master Note Names (refreshes every 5 seconds)
Game 40G3: Grand Staff Master Note Names (refreshes every 3 seconds)
Game 40G2: Grand Staff Master Note Names (refreshes every 2 seconds)
Game 2: Compose Your Own Music (Drag the notes and rests onto the staff. Each measure must have four beats. Then click "Play" to hear your composition!)

(Extra): Staff paper: 8 lines of Treble Clef only (.pdf file)
(Extra): BlankSheetMusic.net (print staff paper to your liking!)
Game 36: Music Notation Concentration (a cool match game with musical symbols)
Game 50: Random Key Signatures (Press F5 to refresh the key signature, then play that Major or minor scale)

Game 55: Blind testing a pitch difference
Game 27: Note Shooter (Line up the treble clef to the note you hear. If you miss where the little note symbol was, use your ear to hear what note it should be. At the beginning, press the "Up arrow" if you want the treble clef to go up faster. This game does not end but just keeps getting faster...but it's still good to practice it!)
Game 23: Note Pair Basic (4x2 grid and C Major notes only)
Game 19: Note Pair (scales: major only; 4x4 grid, no hint option)
Game 20: Note Pair Advanced (scales: major, whole-tone, diminished, chromatic, hexatonic)
Game 22: Note Pair Dyads (scales: major, whole-tone, diminished, chromatic, hexatonic; optional hint)
Game 30: Instruments of the Orchestra (match the picture to the sound you hear)

Game 32: Pair Instruments (a match game with musical instruments)

Game 3: Composer Time Machine (awesome composer time-line, with listening samples and narrated shows)
Game 37: The Time Machine (another cool way to learn composers and their associated music time periods)

Game 4: Be a Rockin' Rhythm Master (Choose from 3 different levels. Use your space bar on this one to match the rhythm played by the drummer. Note that only the first time you use the space bar it makes a sound, but continue to use the space bar for the rest of the rhythms!)

Game 99: Trumpet Game (test yourself by pressing the valves fast enough!)

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