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Born: February 27, 1923      Birthplace:  Los Angeles, California

Fried Bananas (4:42)

Original compositions from Dexter Rides Again (1947):
Dexter's Riff (2:50)
Dexter's Riff Settin' the Pace (5:58)
So Easy (2:41)
Long Tall Dexter (3:02)
Dexter Rides Again (3:17) co-written with Bud Powell
Dexter Digs In (3:02)
Dexter's Minor Mad (2:45)
Blow Mr. Dexter (3:00)
Dexter's Deck (2:58)
Dexter's Cuttin' Out (3:11)

Original compositions from Dexter Blows Hot and Cool (1955):
Silver Plated (4:06)
Rhythm Mad (4:37)
Bonna Rue (6:59)
Blowin' For Dootsie (5:33)

Original compositions from Doin' Allright (1961):
For Regulars Only (5:50)
Society Red (12:27)
I Want More (6:12)
with Freddie Hubbard (tr), Horace Parlan (pn), George Tucker (bs), Al Harewood (dr)

Original compositions from Dexter Calling (1961):
Soul Sister (7:45)
I Want More (5:20)
Ernie's Tune (4:16)
Landslide (5:15)

Original compositions from Go! (1962):
Cheese Cake (6:33)
with Sonny Clark (pn), Butch Warren (bs), Billy Higgins (dr)

Original compositions from Generation (1972):
The Group (6:28)
with Freddie Hubbard (tr/fl), Cedar Walton (pn), Buster Williams (bs), Billy Higgins (dr)

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