The Tuning Note (clock) CURRENT STUDENTS:
7:30 am
8:00 am
8:30 am Nancy B. AP GZ Camila C. AP GZ
9:00 am Nancy B. AP GZ Ciela C. AP GZ
9:30 am Nirvik B. AP GZ Ava F. AP GZ
10:00 am Archie B. AP GZ       2M Archie B. AP GZ Aidan M. AP GZ Ryan F. AP GZ
10:30 am Kriti L. AP GZ
11:00 am Nicole P. AP GZ
11:30 am Rosha M. AP GZ Shelby O. AP GZ
12:00 PM Adam C. AP GZ Lani F. AP GZ       2M Sharon H. AP GZ
12:30 PM Aurteen J. AP GZ Lani F. AP GZ       2M
1:00 PM Logan B. AP GZ William _. AP GZ Tyler J. AP GZ
1:30 PM Logan B. AP GZ Barbara H. AP GZ       2M Tyler J. AP GZ
2:00 PM Karina P. AP GZ Barbara H. AP GZ       2M Tino C. AP GZ Naysa B. AP GZ Kavi D. AP GZ       2M
2:30 PM Aidan A. AP GZ Finn B. (9:45) AP GZ Oliver A. AP GZ Sladen C. AP GZ Kavi D. AP GZ
3:00 PM Max B. (10:15) AP GZ Kaylin A. AP GZ Yash B. A G Shailesh T. AP GZ Ayush S. AP GZ       2M
3:30 PM Nicky M. AP GZ Henry M. AP GZ ------------ George B. AP GZ Yash B. A G Shailesh T. AP GZ
4:00 PM Luke D. AP GZ Sawyer M. AP GZ Nina P. AP GZ Neenah B. AP GZ Luke M. AP GZ
4:30 PM Parker M. AP GZ Bijan P. AP GZ Alex M. AP GZ Sama A. AP GZ
5:00 PM Bryan N. AP GZ Andian N. AP GZ Andrew L. AP GZ Drew M. AP GZ
5:30 PM Christian D. AP GZ Tavian G. AP GZ Daniela L. AP GZ
6:00 PM Rowena J. AP GZ Maadhav P. AP GZ Tavian G. AP GZ Lisa C. AP GZ       2M Adam S. AP GZ
6:30 PM Rowena J. AP GZ Nik S. AP GZ Ashok P. AP GZ
7:00 PM Sean C. AP GZ Matthew G. AP GZ       2M Leander P. AP GZ
7:30 PM Yuchen C. AP GZ Matthew G. AP GZ       2M
8:00 PM Geoff M. AP GZ
8:30 PM Geoff M. AP GZ
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Jazz Trumpet Solos (audio links)

Marucci drum book       Mel Bay drum book (lessons 1 and 2)

Leonard Bernstein:
Teachers & Teaching (57:54)

at Harvard (1973):
1. Musical Phonology
2. Musical Syntax
3. Musical Semantics
4. The Delights & Dangers of Ambiguity
5. The XXth Century Crisis
6. The Poetry Of Earth

Quick Links:
The Winds Over Hills and Sea (lyrics)

Chick Corea at the White House 1982
Chick Corea with Miles Davis, The Isle of Wight Festival 1970
Chick Corea Return To Forever - Medieval Overture 1976

my baritone horn

CM 2021 ...
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eos 2019

The Overlook (qn=171)

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