The Tuning Note (clock) (PM Form (me) / PM Form (me...trio)) / PM Report (me))       jump to Extras CURRENT STUDENTS:
7:30 am Max B. AP GZ
8:00 am
8:30 am Nancy B. AP GZ
9:00 am Nancy B. AP GZ Ava F. AP GZ
9:30 am Khyber B. AP GZ Nirvik B. AP GZ Ryan F. AP GZ
10:00 am Kaylee B. AP GZ Camila C. AP GZ
10:30 am Shripada L. AP GZ Ciela C. AP GZ
11:00 am Kriti L. AP GZ
11:30 am Karen B. AP GZ Shelby O. AP GZ Drew M. AP GZ
12:00 PM Lani F. AP GZ       2M Logan B. AP GZ
12:30 PM Lani F. AP GZ       2M Kameela R. AP GZ
1:00 PM Finn B. (1:15) AP GZ Tyler J. AP GZ
1:30 PM Finn B. (1:15) AP GZ Sharon H. AP GZ Tyler J. AP GZ
2:00 PM Naysa B. AP GZ
2:30 PM Christian D. AP GZ Tino C. AP GZ Oliver A. AP GZ Shaad C. AP GZ
3:00 PM Sam C. AP GZ Sladen C. AP GZ Rosha M. AP GZ Yash B. A G
3:30 PM Nicky M. AP GZ Sam C. AP GZ Aurteen J. AP GZ Yash B. A G
4:00 PM Luke M. AP GZ Camilo S. AP GZ Karina P. AP GZ Acelin H. AP GZ Logan B. AP GZ
4:30 PM Alex M. AP GZ Nina P. AP GZ Alayna H. AP GZ Sama A. AP GZ Aidan M. AP GZ
5:00 PM Luke D. AP GZ Shailesh T. AP GZ Andian N. AP GZ Andrew L. AP GZ Archie B. AP GZ
5:30 PM Nirvaan D. AP GZ Shailesh T. AP GZ Tavian G. AP GZ Daniela L. AP GZ Archie B. AP GZ
6:00 PM Bijan P. AP GZ Maadhav P. AP GZ Tavian G. AP GZ Lisa C. AP GZ       2M Adam S. AP GZ
6:30 PM George B. AP GZ Bryan N. AP GZ William Y. AP GZ Lisa C. AP GZ       2M Aidan A. AP GZ
7:00 PM Noah C. AP GZ Ashok P. AP GZ William M. AP GZ Matthew G. AP GZ       2M
7:30 PM Audrey C. AP GZ Leander P. AP GZ Matthew G. AP GZ       2M Nicole P. AP GZ
8:00 PM Geoff M. AP GZ
8:30 PM Geoff M. AP GZ
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Jazz Trumpet Solos (audio links)

Marucci drum book       Mel Bay drum book (lessons 1 and 2)

Leonard Bernstein:
Teachers & Teaching (57:54)

at Harvard (1973):
1. Musical Phonology
2. Musical Syntax
3. Musical Semantics
4. The Delights & Dangers of Ambiguity
5. The XXth Century Crisis
6. The Poetry Of Earth

Quick Links (gCQqlIj0ibMqcU@R):

Wordscapes animals.pdf

Gig calendar (whole year)

Tuition - William and Emily.pdf

L - Tuition Increase (2023 1121).pdf

What Might Have Been (audio)
No Need To Look Any Further (audio)
United (audio)
A Gift For Carlyn (head only) (audio)


Stand-alone Other Gigs:
2024 Valentine's Gig

Audio: Sittin' By The Fire With You
Lyrics: Sittin' By The Fire With You

Jeff Miniweather:
JM Gig
Bb Part - Soulful Mr Timmons
As We Speak (Rhythm).pdf
As We Speak (Eb part).pdf
As We Speak (audio)

Chuck Mangione Project:
Chuck Mangione Project

Carol Manson:
Transposed audio samples for "There's Somethin' Goin' On In Bethlehem"

Carol_Beth Set List - Brickhouse Gallery 2023 1201.pdf

William Mininfield:

Flyer - Crilly's 2023 (color).jpg
Flyer - Crilly's 2023 (color v2).jpg
Flyer - Crilly's 2023 (bw).jpg

Lahre Shiflet:
Sample: Girl from Ipanema
Sample: Over the Rainbow

charts for 2023 Juneteenth


2023 0226 Order of Service updated.pdf

April Joy.pdf

Lamb and Rice.pdf

Form - Invoice MTAC_ Sac Branch.pdf

Rev Martin Luther King Speech (excerpts and full speech).pdf
Choir Leadership Meeting - Agenda Items.pdf
Music Business Cards (Dahlia Kilson).pdf

Music Business Cards (William Mininfield).pdf

Gig details from Crilly (Davis gig).pdf

Christmas Sandwich Cremes.pdf

Student Tuition (Ardalan, April - November '22).pdf

Classic Organ Trio

2023 Xmas Home Page

It's Love - It's Christmas (blank LH, scales for RH improv).pdf

I Thank You (RByars)
Lyrics - I Thank You (RByars)

Your Best Is Yet To Be

God Is Everywhere (studio)
God Is Everywhere (service)
God Is Everywhere (lyrics)
God Is Everywhere (Unity-type lyrics)

Life is.pdf

2022 Xmas Concert with Breaks marked.pdf

music stand options

Sample Program (2022 Unity Xmas Concert).pdf

Winter Wonderland (Janel and daughters)

A Child Is Born (Bass clef).pdf

I'm Pulling Through (DKrall).pdf

UofS - January 2024 (working schedule).pdf

2024 Choir Participation.pdf

EWF - Boogie Wonderland (bone part).pdf
EWF - Boogie Wonderland (Bb part).pdf

Deck the Halls (Rev C arr).mp3

Let Go, Let God (Jack Cassidy).mp3
Lyrics - Let Go, Let God (Jack Cassidy).pdf

Lyrics - The Best of Life.pdf

Unity of Sacramento Photo Invoice for 09 08 23.pdf

O Come Emmanuel (score - vocal parts).pdf

All Is In Order (2 trumpets, piano, qn=96).mp3
All Is In Order (score)
All Is In Order (trumpet 1)
All Is In Order (trumpet 2)

2023 Christmas Concert Draft Rehearsal Schedule.pdf

2023 October only_Worship Celebration Schedule.pdf

2023 08-12 Worship Celebration Schedule.pdf

Overflow Song Schedule.pdf

Overflow Service Schedule.pdf

Talk Titles 2nd Quarter

Priceline trip #: 154-411-385-16
airport to AirBnB
AirBnB to Enterprise
AirBnB to Unity Village
2022 emPower schedule.pdf

Unity Village Campus-Map-03-2022.pdf

Shine: audio, lyrics, chart
Unity: audio, lyrics, chart
We All Belong: audio, lyrics, chart

I AM That I AM - lead sheet - PMandella.pdf
I AM That I AM - PMandella lyrics.docx
I AM That I AM [perf track w BV].mp3
I AM That I AM.mp3

Let It Be (in C).pdf

The Goodness of God (William Minninfield, 2022 1113)

Songs Used For Services.pdf

weekly agenda

Music Related Dates.pdf

The 50 Awesome Choir Warm-Ups EBOOK (choirdirectorcorner.com)

list of songs in physical files.pdf

Playbill (final).pdf
2013 UofS Christmas Program.pdf
Blessed Always - Rickie Byars (at the piano)

I Am! (2022 0515).mp3

shoes to choose from

Polish Festival
Audio files for Polish Festival

For The Good Times.pdf

iris assembly.jpg

We Come From Greatness (Chet piano).mp3

Why We Build the Wall - Hadestown (piano).mp3

Playbill (draft).pdf

checks to be written

UofS - Songs Used (.jpg file)

New Keyholder Agreement, signed (Chwalik, C).pdf

Henry Mancini

Listen (in all 12 keys).html

General Calendar

Working Calendar

Overflow Working Calendar

Crown Village (AirBNB issue)

notes 2022 0606
The Color Purple - The Color Purple (page 1).jpg
The Color Purple - The Color Purple (page 1).jpg

choir for Juneteenth 2022

Summer Concert screenshot

Moonlight Sonata

We Celebrate You (vocal sample)

Lyrics - We Celebrate You

Lyrics - I Hope You Dance

Song by William (2021 0314)

Soul Sister Connection

Donnie Machen


2022 Music Ministry Pamphlet.pdf

Ana Vidovic (info)
Ana Vidovic (tickets)

I_m An Overcomer_rehearsal.mp3

Marvelous, in different keys

Easter (draft).jpg

How Excellent (intro only)

Strange Fruit Live 1959 - Billie Holiday (Cm).mp3

MTAC Audit Task List

UofS Originals:
Show Me The Way_Dahlia Kilson and Choir (2022 0313): video, audio
Make Room For Your Dreams_Dahlia Kilson and Choir (2022 0206): video, audio
Believe In Yourself_William Mininfield (2022 0123): video, audio

The Winds Over Hills and Sea (2022 0123): video, audio

lyrics Top 7 Beginner Gospel Chords

Menu of Foods.pdf
Cheese Sauce

Order of Service 2021 1010 (CM)

Successories cards

breakmaker recipes toc

2019 eos pics

2021 eos flyer

Chet Plays Chet
home page
poster 1, poster 2, poster 3, poster 3b

dmv pics

Audio for Pop Music

Cool beats from an online birthday card (original)

Make You Feel My Love (as by Adele).pdf

The Winds Over Hills and Sea (lyrics)

Chick Corea at the White House 1982
Chick Corea with Miles Davis, The Isle of Wight Festival 1970
Chick Corea Return To Forever - Medieval Overture 1976

my baritone horn

CM 2021 ...
camera angle

room divider

eos 2019

The Overlook (qn=171)

receipt for AC unit (2019)

pool step 1 before
pool step 1 after

pool step 2 after

strip 1 before
strip 1 after
strip 2 before
strip 2 after

words for a song



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